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Sat Feb 2 13:57:03 PST 2008

Lecture: Colour image processing by Alfredo Restrepo

Conference Room CNSI  2003 - Wednesday February 4th  - 5:00 p.m.

Media Arts and Technology - UCSB

Abstract :
Novel tools for colour image processing are presented. Unlike many
magnitudes dealt with in engineering, the hue variable of a colour image is
circular and requires a special treatment. Special techniques have been
advanced in statistics for the analysis of data from angular variables;
likewise in image processing for the processing of the hue variable. We give
a definition of the median and of the range of angular data and apply their
running versions on images to smooth them and to detect hue edges. We also
give definitions of hue morphology; one based on the topological concept of
lifting and on grey level morphology; another definition is wholly given in
a circular context.

Alfredo Restrepo got his B.S. degree from the P. Universidad Javeriana in
Bogota, Colombia and his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of
Texas at Austin. Hi is an associate professor at the Univerisdad de los
Andes in Bogota, currently on leave at the University of Trieste in Italy
working on image restoration. He spent one semester in Paris studying
perceptual aspects of color at the ENST. His research interests include
nonlinear and statistical signal processing, computer vision, color and
geometric topology. He is an enthusiast of the Visual Arts.

Questions? - contact  aburbano at umail.ucsb.edu  or  burbano at gmail.com
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