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Ricardo Dueñas Parada rduenasp at gmail.com
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Reenvío este mensaje, el link tiene cosas bien chéveres.


Ricardo D.

gie.de/software/ <http://www.hoertechnik-audiologie.de/software/>

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> Please look at
> http://www.hoertechnik-audiologie.de/software/
> You will find:
> MatPlug: A VST Plug-In to access Matlab and develop prototypes in Matlab
> Some examples are included
> msound: msound is an interface between Matlab and your soundcard. It is
> based on PortAudio. Source code is provided. A new version with ASIO
> support is coming soon.
> mmidi: MMidi is a portmidi based implementation of a midi interface
> between Matlab and any hardware midi device. Source code is available
> psylab: psylab is a tool for designing and controlling interactive
> psychoacoustical listening experiments in a uniform and quick manner
> A reverberation analysis toolbox
> -----
> Other tools you may find interesting are:
> A VST Spectrogram
> A VST SpatialAnalyzer
> PureMeasurement: PureMeasurement (GNU GPL) is a collection of patches
> for Pure Data (www.puredata.org), which let you perform acoustical
> measurements
> Lambda (GNU GPL) is a 2D acoustic wave simulator based on the
> Transmission Line Matrix
> Have fun with it:
> For further information and feedback send an email to
> IHASoftwareATfh-oow.de (Change AT to the normal @-sign for sending)
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